71FK2Rt+VBL._SL1500_I’m always on the look out for great products to use at home. I’m not really a fan of going to the gym and prefer to workout at home when I can. The only problem with this is space. Most houses don’t have the space for gym style equipment. So when a product like this comes along I am all over it. This folding exercise bike is absolutely perfect for people with limited space or those who like to have their equipment out of sight when not in use.

Ultrasport make some interesting products and I will be reviewing more of them soon.

Who is the `Ultra fit’ f-bike aimed at?

This bike is aimed at those looking to get fit, the difficulty setting will definitely not be enough for hardened cyclists. However it’s more than adequate for most people.

Can I use this if I’m tall/short?

Yes and no, if you are very tall or average then you will have no problem. Some shorter reviewers have reported having problems with it though.

Max weight?

Is 100 kg or 15st 10.5lb

How quiet is the f-bike?
It’s as quiet as an exercise is going to get. Whilst not completely silent it won’t bother your neightbours or even disturb anyone in the same room watching the television.81guX61jVXL._SL1500_

How easy is it to use?

Very easy. It’s a bike at the end of the day but there are no complicated controls. One simple knob that controls resistance and the digital display has one button for rotating through the display.
Does Pulse work?

I’ve talked about these before, I don’t believe they are accurate on any device. These work as expected and give you a reading on your pulse. How accurate that is, is another question.

How portable is it and how much space does it use up?

While it folds up really well it is still quite heavy and cumbersome. Not something you’d take on a trip with you. I love how it folds up though and takes up hardly any space in the cupboard.

How fun is it?
Same as any other exercise bike. No more no less.

How complicated is it to build?

Take around 20 minutes. Comes with full instructions and the small tools you will need for the job. Really straight forward. Keep hold of the tools as every once in a while you may need to tighten everything up. Folding and unfolding tends to loosen the bolts somewhat.

In summary

Get this if you are short on space, otherwise get something else. Although this looks like it will tip over it is very sturdy but there are obviously much better products available if space isn’t an issue.

Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer Review
4.0Overall Score

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