Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Trainer with GO Console

As cross trainers go you will do well to find one that is of higher quality than this. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true here. The Life Fitness cross trainer comes in at a hefty £1,695.00 but if you are in the market for a quality and reliable elliptical then you can’t go wrong here.41C4lRSR17L._SX425_

The build quality is top notch and although some assembly is required, once its together it is stopping that way. You will need around an hour to assemble it and an adjustable spanner/wrench. This is a heavy machine so get some help if you plan on moving it after assembly. Preferably I would look to build it where it is going to be placed.

One of the most amazing things about this machine is the lack of noise it makes while in use. Nearly every elliptical I have been on has been a loud clunky thing, but this is as smooth as butter and practically silent in use. You could easily use this in the next room to a sleeping person without disturbing them. Life Fitness call it WhisperStride Technology and it’s name is well earned.

I have used many ellipticals over the years, I am a big fan of them for a great workout. This has to be up there with the very best I have used. I am quite tall and found the stride length on this to be great. Usually they feel a little short for me. Although my wife also found it perfectly acceptable and she is considerably shorter.

The ‘Go’ console gives you a nice clear interface, displaying all the information you could want in a smart and clear way. With a clear blue display, it’s simple to navigate. It has 13 built in programs and 2 ‘user profile’ slots so you can program your own workouts and use them again the next time you use the machine. This is great for tracking your fitness progress.

It has skin contacts on the handles for measuring your heart rate although I have never found these to be very accurate on any machine. Fortunately you can attach a proper heart rate monitor.

Non slip foot pads are present and are of great quality. One of my mine gripes with most cross trainers is my feet sliding around in the over sized foot holders. No problems with that here.

This machine would not be out of place in any up market gym but it feels like it’s built for an individual, if that makes sense. With it’s savable profiles and silent technology this is perfect for any home gym.

I can’t recommend this highly enough, the price may be a sticking point for some but bear in mind this will last you for years and years.

Life Fitness Cross Trainer - Elliptical - Review
5.0Overall Score

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