Ok so after my Vita Drops review I decided I couldn’t let my research stop there. That wouldn’t be fair to all the other products out there. There are lots of them as I’ve mentioned before.

So next on my list is:

XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets

These tablets have gone viral online and are even available in the local chemist which is very unusual. So is there anything to there claims?

XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets Review

My Chemist Recommended It

Now, I’m not sure how everyone else feels about chemists but I see them as the next step down from doctors on the trustworthy scale. They are qualified, they know what they are talking about and generally won’t give you bad advice to get a sale. My chemist regularly recommends own brand products as he says they are the same but cheaper. I like him and I trust him. So when I went into my local chemists and saw a large sign up for xls medical fat binder tablets I was surprised and queried him on it.

He admitted that there were financial incentives for him to sell it and the advertising was part of that but he assured me that he approved of the product and wouldn’t be advertising and selling it if it wasn’t a good product. He explained that it had under gone clinical trials and proved it’s claims in controlled and impartial tests. I was intrigued to say the least so of course I bought some and have been taking them for the past couple of weeks.

3x More weight Loss than dieting alone

That is XLS fat binders claim and it’s been proved in clinical tests. Well who am I to argue with that I thought. As usual I got excited thinking this is the one that will work for me and actually it might be. In the 2 weeks I have taken it I have continued the same diet and exercise program that I have been following for the last few months. I have lost more weight in that two week period that I did for the previous 6 weeks. The proof is in front of my eyes on the scales, I’m really happy with myself and my chemist.

I am also happy to report I have suffered no side effects from this product not that I expected to.


XLS fat binder uses something called Litramine to bind some dietary fats and turns it into a complex fibre which is then excreted from the body (ew). I’m not going to pretend I know how it does this but it seems to be working wonders for me.

Cheaper online

As usual I wished I’d waited until I got home and checked the internet before I bought in a shop but never mind. It’s a lot cheaper online.  You can get 60 tablets on Amazon for £15.50 right now, that’s a saving of nearly £10 on what I paid in the chemist. It also includes a 10 day trial pack, I presume they give you an extra 10 tablets to try and if you aren’t happy you can send the rest back and get a refund. Pretty decent and it shows they are confident in their product.

As with all diet pills I take their claims with a pinch of salt, clinically proven or not, that’s why I always try them before I make judgement. Looking at the reviews on amazon it seems that it either works really well or not at all for people. Luckliy for me it seems to agree with my system and is working for me. The only way to find out if it will work for you is to try it.

Bare in mind as well that my results have come combined with a good healthy diet and exercise regimen. I suspect a lot of the bad reviews on amazon are from people who took the tablets and did nothing else. That is not going to work with this or any other diet pill/product. You can’t eat unhealthy rubbish, not exercise and expect to get thin. I urge you to use this or anything else you might try in combination with the other good stuff, diet and exercise. You will get results.

So overall I do reccomend giving XLS Medical Fat Binder tablets a go, especially as there is a free trial available here on Amazon.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets Review - Litramine
  • Easy to take
  • No side effects and safe
  • They actually work
  • Remembering to take them
  • Diet and exercise also required!
4.5Overall Score

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