Bonus Bagging with OddsMonkey Review

Ok, so if you are reading this you probably already know what matched betting or bonus bagging is and want to know if OddsMonkey is a good site. If that’s true then read on.

If you dont know what matched betting is, then read this blog first then come back here. You can also read about matched betting on wikipedia.

OddsMonkey Review

You need to maximise your time when matched betting. It will help you make more money from your bonus bagging. I’ve been matched betting for around a year now and have made on average £1000 a month whilst doing it. There is no way I could have made this much money without being a member at OddsMonkey. They will teach you everything you need to know about matched betting, guide you through all the sign up offers and then walk you through the offers that come up every day from hundreds of bookies.

One of the best features of the site is there daily offer calendar. Every day you log on and all the offers that are available for that day are laid out nice and clearly for you to see. It also highlights how much the offer is worth or potentially worth. I’ve blurred out the offers as it’s probably against their terms to share them. This was todays offer calendar though. You can see the guaranteed profit offers and the potential profit offers marked clearly. The colour coding indicates how difficult (more time consuming than difficult) the offer is to do.

oddsmonkey review

So once you have completed the dozens and dozens of lucrative sign up offers you can see that the money doesn’t stop coming in. This just makes it easy for you, no searching for offers and no worrying about figuring out how to do them. It’s just so easy.

The Software

Odds Monkey have the best software for Matched Betting. Period. Most other matched betting sites are using odds monkey software to run their calculators and odds matchers. Why go to them when you can cut out the middle man and be a member with the people who make the software? Plus they are probably the cheapest matched betting site out there, definitely the most value for money. All the software is included with your membership. They don’t charge extra like other sites for new software.

The software includes:

  • Oddmatcher: What the company are famous for. Their oddsmatcher has been around for years. It’s  the best one on the market by far. It’s for quickly find close matching odds and what bookies they are with.
  • Calculator: The essential piece of software all matched bettors need. A calculator to tell us what to back and lay.
  • Dutching Search: Searches all the bookies and automatically produces a list of dutch bets. Bets that you simply place and guarantee a small profit no matter the outcome.
  • The daily offer calendar as mentioned above.
  • Racing Matcher: Real time odds matcher for horse races. Get alerts when good matches come up. Makes horse racing offers ridiculously easy. No more staring at smarkets and betfair for hours.
  • Each Way Calculator/Extra Place Calculator :  Extra place offers are potentially very lucrative but are quite difficult to calculate. Not anymore!
  • EV Calculator: calculate whether a casino offer is worth doing using the EV Calculator.

What other site, gives you all this for £15 a month! (£15 is a limited time offer, sign up now while it’s still available)

bonus bagging review


They have very good support. There is a community forum with very helpful members but the staff are very active on the forum and will help you with any problems or queries you may have. When I first started I was very nervous about doing certain offers as I didn’t fully understand them, so I asked the staff and they talked me through it so I understood, put my mind at ease and I made a load of money.


If you are still new to matched betting then you can read through the step by step guides on matched betting. All the sign up offers are gone through, step by step, in an easy to understand way. Every different type of offer is explained.

Bonus Bagging with OddsMonkey Review Conclusion

I 100% recommend you become a member of OddsMonkey. If you are a matched bettor there is no better site in my opinion. The value for money cannot be denied. I have also been a member of the other big matched betting site so I can say having been a member of both that OddsMonkey is the better of the two sites, not only that it is considerably cheaper. The other site (who’s name I wont mention) charge £22.99 a month and then £9.99 extra for their racing matcher. Oddsmonkey is £15 a month and racing matcher is included. That’s a potential saving of £18 a month or £216 a year!

If you are looking to make a little (or a lot if you have the time) extra money every month then the Monkey will teach you everything you need to know. Even with 10-15 minutes a day you will make 200-300 a month with ease. Not bad for a £15 a month outlay. There is also an annual membership available for £150.

There’s a free trial too which will walk you through a couple of offers and make you some easy money for free. No payment details required for the free trial, just an email address.  Click the banner below to get a free trial.




Bonus Bagging with OddsMonkey Review
Value For Money
Ease of Use
  • Software is amazing
  • Support is the best I've seen
  • You will make money
  • Honestly can't think of any right now.
  • Forum layout could be better I guess
5.0Overall Score
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