Matched Betting Explained

Matched betting is a way to take advantage of the free bet offers that bookies offer to punters in the UK. Firstly, this is totally legit and completely legal. Check out this newspaper story on the subject: Daily Telegraph

It’s also featured heavily on Martin Lewis’ Website.

The easiest way to explain it is this. Imagine a bookie if offering you a £20 free bet for placing a £10 free bet on a coin toss. You back heads with the bookie, then you go the betfair and lay heads (essentially backing tails). Now when this bet has settled you will have won and lost nothing as one bet will win and one will lose but now you have a £20 free bet – for no outlay. No risk.

You can either punt the free bet and hope for a big win or lay the free bet as well to make a guaranteed profit. It really is that simple. I have made thousands of pounds doing this. You can easily make £1000 a month if you put the time in. 10 minutes a day will make you £200-£300 a month comfortably.

The best website to teach you how to take advantage of these free bets and give you all the tools you need to do it is Oddsmonkey. Read my full review of oddsmonkey here. Or click here to visit their website.

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