Ab Carver Pro

This is a product from the people that brought us the Perfect Pushup and like that product this is a high quality item. If you’ve never used an ab roller before then you should make it a priority to buy one, even if you go for a cheap version. Cheaper varieties can be picked up for a few pounds and they really are worth adding to your regimen.

There are a few reasons to fork out for the Perfect Ab Carver though, the main one would be the stability. A regular ab roller looks like this:

ab wheel








and the ab carver pro looks like this!


ab carver pro

So immediately you can see how it’s going to be more stable and easier to use.

The second major feature of this product is its internally winding spring. As you roll the ab carver out it coils up  the spring, a little bit like a pull back and release car you will have had as a kid. So when you reach the end of the roll the carver wants to come back to where it started. This makes it much easier and more controlled to return to the start position. If you are an ab God then you may find this hampers your workouts, why would you want to make it easier? However for most of us this is a great feature that will allow us to build our ab muscles safely. If you’ve never used a ab roller before then be warned, it isn’t as easy as it looks and you can hurt your back if your technique isn’t correct. There is much less chance of injury with the ab carver pro in my opinion. Check out this youtube video on the correct technique, especially if you go for the budget option.

The Design

The handles are ergonomic and your hands sit nicely in them, it’s comfortable to use. The quality of the materials used on the whole product are high quality. It feels like it’s built to last. It is weighty though, it comes in at 2.2 Kg. Ok so not a ton weight but the cheap one you can chuck in your gym back and go. I wouldn’t fancy hauling this thing around, it’s quite bulky as well. If you aren’t planning on travelling with your ab wheel then this is nothing to worry about, you may want to get a cheap version as well as this if you like to take your workout gear on trips or holidays.ab carver pro

The wide wheel design allows for a greater range of movement as well. You can lean on one side as you roll out to roll slightly off to one side and work the obliques, not easy to do this with a normal ab wheel because of the stability issues and the basic handles. This has been designed to be able to go out at different angles meaning you get a full ab workout.


There’s not much you can really say about this as it’s a fairly basic item. Ab wheels have been around for a long time and this one does the best it can to add some new features. If you are beginner to exercise or ab wheels/rollers then I would go for this. More accomplished gym goers might not see the benefit of the coiled spring feature but the extra stability and greater range of motion makes it worth considering.

Ab Carver Pro - Perfect Fitness - Review
Build quality
Ease of use
  • Greate Design
  • Coiled Spring
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Price compared to competitors
4.1Overall Score
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