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So we’ve probably all seen the adverts for these, a really buff looking bloke tells you how he achieved his Greek God physique with the Perfect Pushup. Plus they were invented by a former Navy Seal! We all call BS at the TV but somewhere in the back of our minds we want to believe and we want to try it. Well, at least that’s the way my brain works on these things. So inevitably on my quest to achieve physical perfection (long way to go) I bought myself a set.

Now I’m sure you are thinking well what is the point I can do push ups without these, it’s just a gimmick. Well it is and it isn’t.

The Product

There is no denying these are a quality item, they just scream premium item at you when you take them out the box. They are sturdy, the materials are smooth and sleek. The bottoms are covered in a nice rubber so they don’t slip, They just look and feel, nice. But do you really need these to be that high quality? Probably not. Some products you want quality, and you expect quality. Like with exercise bands, you buy cheap you will regret it when they snap and injure you but with push up bars? They are a luxury item but they only cost a little more than the cheap ones so why the hell not. Although having said that these are noticeably smoother than my cheap set.perfect pushup

If you’ve never used rotating push up bars before you are in for a shock. It’s hard, really hard. If you can do 70 good normal pushups you will probably manage 25 with these before you start getting that deep burn. The rotating motion seems to engage more muscles and generally make things a whole lot more difficult. This is a good thing. I can do loads of normal push ups, it gets to a point where you can do so many they aren’t really doing much for you anymore. It becomes more of an endurance exercise rather than a muscle building exercise. The perfect push up solves that problem. I have no doubt that using these will build more muscle, faster than regular pushups.

Push up handles also alleviate stress on the wrists, this is true for all push up handles, rotating or other wise. The rotating ones seem to be a bit better for the wrists though. I wouldn’t say it eradicated it completely though, if you have rubbish wrist joints like me these will help but you will still feel it a bit. It’s tolerable though. No pain no gain, right?

The Exercises

Well you’d be forgiven in thinking this section wasn’t necessary, you do push ups with these right? Yes, but you have no idea how many different types of push ups the Perfect Pushup people have come up with. My set came with a poster that shows you the various ways of using the product but I have heard that some people haven’t received this with theirs. The guide is available to download on their website though. Check it out, the exercises are many. If your chest isn’t worked out after using these then you are doing it wrong.

The main exercise they seem to go for is half way down half way up, intermittent with regular full up and down. The burn is real. The next couple of days after doing this work out with the perfect pushup my chest doms were crazy. Personally I like this feeling as I know it means I’ve had a really good workout, once your body becomes accustomed to an exercise it becomes more difficult to break your muscles down as well as this and you wake up disappointed that you mustn’t have worked hard enough the day before. Try adding a few sets of perfect pushups at the end of your workout and you should get that pump you are looking for.

Should you buy them?

It depends. If you are in the market for some push up bars then you can’t go wrong with these. They would be my choice and they have come down in price significantly lately. If you are looking at these thinking you can use these and only these and get ripped then I have to stop you there. These are an excellent addition to a workout but they aren’t a complete routine. At the end of the day push ups will target your chest and triceps for the most part. You can argue abs as well. But doing push ups and only push ups will mean you are seriously neglecting other muscle groups and lead to a unbalanced body composition which usually results in injury.

There are other brands available as well which might be more or less pricey. They will all do the same job as the Perfect Pushup providing they rotate.

Perfect Pushup - Perfect Fitness V2
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